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ORG.ZA is in the process of being migrated, in order to adhere to the transformation process initiated by zaDNA.

As such all operations under Internet Solution's, relating to ORG.ZA, will be frozen as from the 21st of July, 2014.

For more details: please visit:

Org.Za Transition Plan

Org.Za Launch Overview

The ORG.ZA domain is for South African non-commercial organisations, including but not limited to charities, NGOs, Section 21 companies, trade and industry associations, trade unions, political parties and religious organisations.

The Charter for the ORG.ZA domain is currently undergoing a review by .zaDNA in consultation with the ORG.ZA domain administrators. Further information in this regard will be forthcoming in due course.

Applications for domains within ORG.ZA are made via email, using the registration template .

Before sending in this application, go through the following steps:

  1. Check that the domain is available, using the rwhois form on this page.
  2. Have at least two nameservers configured to respond authoritatively for the domain.
  3. Read the Annexure and Notes on the registration template, which contain important terms and conditions. Remember that in making an application, you are binding yourself to a legal agreement.
  4. Fill out the form correctly, and submit it to

There is a R150 VAT EXCLUSIVE fee for registering within ORG.ZA. This fee will be waived if your organisation is non-profit, but proof of such non-profit status is required and the registration will generally be slower. The proof that will be required will be either a section 21 certificate of registration, a letter from the South African Revenue Service to this effect, or such other proof that the administrator of ORG.ZA in its discretion deems to be sufficient proof of non-profit status. Please read the registration template for more information.

Please see the mini-FAQ.
Any further questions can be sent to .


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The ORG.ZA domain is administered by Internet Solutions on behalf of the South African Internet Community.